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Please try to arrive to Masterpiece 10-15 minutes in advance of your booking time. You'll start your visit by filling out a quick form so that we can get you loaded into the system. Have the name and contact information for your prenatal provider handy. While we are setting up your profile, you'll have a few minutes to look around the shop, and then we'll start your scan.

Preparation for your appointment


When deciding what to wear for your ultrasound appointment, choose a top and pants that are easy to move up and down off of your abdomen. If you prefer to wear a dress, we will accommodate you with a blanket in order to assist in maintaining your privacy while your guests are in the room. Bring any family or friends who you would like to include in this special bonding experience.


You can feel comfortable in our welcoming environment. We hope you make yourself at home. A drink and/or snack is available if needed. Prepare to see the bundle of joy who is growing to be a part of your life -- better and beyond anything you've ever dreamed. During the 15-30 minutes scan you should be able to see your little one's body, movements, and we can take a peek at gender if you'd like -- be sure to let us know up front if it's a secret! A gender revealing print can be provided in an envelope for opening at the time of your choice, or to pass onto a friend who is planning your gender reveal party. My Heartbeat Bears (stuffed animal with a recording of your baby's heartbeat) can be selected for purchase prior to the beginning of your scan. At the completion of your scan, you'll have printed images of baby in number according to the package you selected, and then all images will be uploaded to BabyFlix for your online viewing and sharing.

Please know, the position of your baby will determine how well we can see him/her. If we are unable to obtain images for you due to this variable, then we will reschedule your visit at no charge. 


We cannot wait to receive our first testimonials!

Awaiting your visit with excitement!

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