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We offer elective prenatal ultrasound scans (sonograms) in a boutique setting. Our maternity, newborn, baby and toddler selections of clothing & supplies are carefully curated to today's expectant mother.
We are located in Sulphur Springs, Texas! Book now!
Address: 213 Main Street, Sulphur Springs, TX 75482

You're expecting something great! Take a peek at our gallery!

The idea for Masterpiece launched in 2021, thanks to the brainstorming power of like-minded friends, with the hopes of providing a special service to the expectant mothers in my region. I am overjoyed to be nearby to you here in north east Texas, with a convenient location on the I-30 service road, and easy parking, so that you can spend time getting to know your baby a little bit more, and share him/her/them with your closest loved ones! I elected to have a HD ultrasound experience in 2011, and it was a highlight of my last pregnancy. Now being able to provide the same service to you in my hometown is an elating experience! Can't wait to see you! ~Deanna

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